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Goan Singer Songwriter and Live Band

Alison Gonsalves

Alison Gonsalves is a Singer, Songwriter and Musician from Goa, India. He’s known for his unique blend of Western and Goan Konkani Music. He is also a performing artist with stage experience of over a decade.  He performs as a Solo Act or with his band Black Sapphire.

Born in the beautiful village of Majorda, Alison Gonsalves is one of the renowned singers in Goa. He commenced his musical journey in 2006 when he decided to learn the Acoustic Guitar. He went for classes near a professional, but didn’t like the pace so he turned to the internet. Within a year, he got the hang of rhythm guitar and he would go to jam with bands of musicians that he knew personally. He spent the next few years learning to sing alongside some top singers of Goa. He was a very active musician at Majorda Church Parish Group and performed Gospel Music at various events across the Dioseasan.

In 2010 he formed Enchanters Goa, a Three Piece Live Band along with sister Ancy Gonsalves and a keyboard player Clifton Sequeira.
(Click here for more info on Enchanters Goa) 

Nanv Tujem Kitem Aye Cheddva

Alison released his debut single in Konkani language; Mog Sasnacho featuring Ancy Gonsalves in February 2019. The Love Ballad went on to become a success and it’s played for weddings across the state of Goa.

His second release Mog Zala Mhaka feat Waking Grunt was an instant hit and it’s approaching 1 million views on YouTube. The song features one of Goa’s topmost rappers Waking Grunt. Mog Zala Mhaka created waves in Goan music particularly among youth, who made myriad dance videos and covers of the song.

His recent release is Nanv Tujem Kitem (Aye Cheddva). This song has a modern dance music feel that current International pop songs possess.

His debut English Single Think I'm in Love is a soothing love song.

Alison's most recent konkani original, Tuzoch Mog Kortolom is a love balled that is all about the wedding vows.

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